Vocal coaching

Finding your embodied voice

  • Individual  coaching
  • Workshops

For whom: Anyone having to speak in public or simply wanting to feel more comfortable using his/her voice in different situations of life.

You need to:

  • Prepare an important meeting
  • Improve your voice impact
  • Overcome vocal fatigue
  • Express your leadership
  • Manage stage fright and enjoy speaking up!

The benefits of training your voice

  • Our voice is the most powerful element of our social interaction. Just remember how do you feel  when you loose it!

  • Our voice expresses our thoughts, our language and our emotions. Our voice reflects our identity, our internal attitudes. Our voice never lies.
  • Training our spoken or singing voice brings innumerable benefits to our personal mental and physical health. It brings us in harmony with ourselves, others and our environment.

How I work

  • Rooting, verticality, managing my breath
  • Breathing, managing stress
  • Presence and persuasion
  • Voice components (tone, volume, projection)
  • Speech components (flow, rhythm, musicality)

Interactive exercises

  • Individual or collective warm-up exercises
  • Vocal games
  • Speaking out texts in a playful way
  • Improvisation

What do you need?

 «I have to prepare an important meeting»

 «I want to develop positively my professional impact»

 «My voice gets tired easily, I would like to feel more comfortable»

 «I do not recognize my voice when it is registered»

 «I freeze when I have to speak in public»